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    IF YOU ARE PRO skip these pointers
    Some quick pointers to help with this and general ball control:
    >Right click a lot, and close your hero. The closer you click, the more precision you have.
    >Use the stop or hold key. It gives you greater control over the ball, particularly when making rapid movements in a 1v1. Handoffs are gross. It can also be used to help with pickups.
    >Zoom out more. If you are new you probably don't zoom out enough. There are circumstances where its appropriate to zoom in, but they occur much less frequently. As a rule, zoom out more.
    >That being said, make sure your mouse sensitivity isn't too high. Less sensitivity=more precision. You shouldn't have to bring your cursor across the screen with a tiny hand movement, particularly if you are zoomed out.
    >Be comfortable with your hotkeys. If something doesn't quite work right, don't be afraid to change it.

    IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY PRO why are you reading this?
    Note that in order for this to be valuable to you, you must have intimate knowledge (possibly carnal) of hitboxes and pickup range. To improve this, start a game by yourself and figure out the maximum distance you can click from the ball but still pick it up. Get comfortable with that distance by passing the ball out, moving toward it, and clicking at the maximum range to pick it up. Theoretically, you will stop the moment you have the ball. Once you've mastered this, shift clicking can be introduced. Just like in TSS, you can queue actions for your hero by shift clicking. This means the action will take place immediately after the prior is completed, resulting in faster and more efficient gameplay then your clumsy human reflexes allow. This can be used for abilities as well as movement, which allows you to perfect certain timing actions. For example, as Earthshaker, if you right click on the ground a little in front of you, shift click W (pass), and shift click Q (slam), the slam will occur as fast as it possibly can after the shot, giving it the maximum boost. Experiment with shift click to prevent re-stealing, for perfect pickups, and optimizing jukes. I could go into detail about a vast array of uses for shift-clicking, but I'm lazy and have already given you the tools to find them on your own (if you aren't pro and know them already).
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    Nice, should be helpful for newer players

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