[Australia] Banjoball Draft Tournament #2

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    The second edition of the Australian Banjoball Player Draft Tournament is finally here! Register as an individual player and enter the player pool to be drafted by a top ranked player from Season 4 of the Banjoball League.

    The tournament will be run on the Banjoball League Discord Server in the text channel #tournaments, please ensure all players have a Discord account and have joined the server before the tournament starts. Link to the server is here: discord.gg/0ymW5P1TI3uzWgrE
    If you do not know how to join the server, watch the first half of this video:

    Teams for this tournament will be decided via a player draft. The top ranked players from Season 3 of AUS-BBL will become captains and will take turns picking from a pool of players who registered for the tournament. The pick order will follow a ‘snake-draft’ format, whereby the lowest ranked captain will get first pick in the first round of the draft, then last pick in the second, followed by first pick in the third etc.

    The draft date is Sunday, October 2nd 12:30pm AEDT, and the tournament will start immediately after the draft. Click here to check for your timezone
    (Daylight savings starts on the day of the tournament in Australia, so the timezone used is AEDT)

    Captains: TBA

    Dates & Times
    All games will be played on Sunday the 2nd of October and matches will start at 12:30pm AEDT. Matches are scheduled to be played in 30 minute blocks. If two teams are ready to play early they are welcome to do so. Times may change and breaks will be added for teams during the day, make sure your team-captain is actively checking the captains chat.

    -Group stage: 2 groups of 3. Top of each group advances to Semi Finals. Bottom 2 advance to Quater finals. Group stage ties are sorted by Goal Difference>Goals Scored.
    -Final Stage: Double elimination Finals bracket.
    -All games are Bo1 except for Grand Finals which are Bo3.
    A bracket will be released in the days leading up to the tournament.

    General Rules
    • Players from any region are able to participate, however all games must be played on the Australian server.
    • This tournament is open to players of all skill levels.
    • Teams must be present on the Banjoball League Discord Server: discord.gg/0ymW5P1TI3uzWgrE
    • Teams must not be more than 15 minutes late for their game, if they are more than 15 minutes late they are disqualified.
    • Team captains will be invited to a separate Discord chat where they will need to provide results of the games, including a screenshot of the full end-game scoreboard.
    • There is currently no prize for winners, this tournament is more designed for fun and to ensure high quality Banjoball games, however that may change.
    In-game Rules
    • There is a one hero per team rule for this tournament, no team may pick more than one of the same hero. If a team picks two of the same heroes by mistake, the game must be remade.
    • If the game crashes, a player has a game-breaking bug, or a player disconnects and cannot reconnect, the game must be remade at the same scoreline with the same heroes and played to 10 goals. For example, if the game crashed at 5-2, the first team would need to score 5 goals to win, and the second would need 8.
    • Each team has 5 minutes of total pause time during matches, to cater for disconnects. If more than 5 minutes has been used, the opposite team are allowed to announce they are un-pausing the game and the team with the missing player has to micro their hero.

    To register for this tournament, click on this link: https://goo.gl/forms/gDWXLL5eqj83Oly13

    Click here to see a list of registered players: https://goo.gl/ljuu7A

    Please make sure you are aware of the date & time of the tournament, if something comes up in the days leading up to the tournament preventing you from playing, please let me know.

    Registration closes on the 1st of October, if you have any questions feel free to post them below or send me a message on Discord or Steam.
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