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    As a doctor with male patients over age 40, I hear many complaints about fatigue, little or no sexual energy, weight gain, irritability and/or depression. When they remark that their symptoms are just part of growing older and that there's nothing they can do about it, I like to tell them about my 89-year-old neighbor George.

    George is a testament to healthy male aging. He is a brilliant conversationalist, full of vitality, with never more than the occasional mild cold. He pursues his passion of traveling the world like a much younger man always accompanied by his lovely lady friend. vitolast reviews One day I joked that he must have found the fountain of youth on one of his travels. In response, George told me that he had always eaten a good diet, exercised, and taken vitamins, but had also been on testosterone supplements for many years! I wasn't surprised, as I knew that good testosterone levels were very important to a man's physical and emotional well-being at any age, especially as he grows older.

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