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    Hi Mech, not sure where else to post this, but here are some things we've noticed over the past week or so playing your map:

    1. Playing with AI Linemen completely screws up the game (causes the game to randomly end, etc.)
    2. Occasional bug where a team gets what should be a 1st down on 4th down, but it results in a turnover anyway. I think this has only happened to the red team and only in the first quarter of the game. The wait time to update the down/yard seems longer than WaLK's, so that might be causing it (I think the check for a turnover on downs might be faster or the same as the check to update the yards/down.)
    3. -Timeout doesn't do anything.
    4. The stats board is completely wrong and never remotely accurate.
    5. The draft system causes some occasional bugs, such as not giving a player a unit for the position they were put at.

    General Suggestions:
    1. Change the touchdown sound to something less depressing.
    2. Change the hike sound to something more discernible.
    3. Change the projectile model for the football back to what it was in WaLK's, because it's currently very deceiving on the catch range.
    4. Change the hotkey for kicking from ESC to a letter.
    5. Add stiff arm for Tight Ends.
    6. Possibly spread out the Tight Ends a bit from the linemen (or at least one of them)
    7. Instead of 2 TEs, maybe have a fullback and a TE?
    8. Add a command that red can use to give possession to his team or the other and to change the score (with consent of green) in case of a bug.
    9. Have delay of game result in a clock stoppage.
    10. Add custom ping abilities like in WaLK's (easier to see and can't be seen via maphack by the other team.)
    11. Add a punt option.
    12. Making kicking FGs a little easier.

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