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Who do you think will win this league?

  1. Azshara Aces

  2. Dalaran Dinos

  3. Pandaria Brewmasters

  4. Winterspring Weasels

  5. Capital City Centipedes

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  1. TrencH Active Member Banjoballer

    Jun 23, 2015
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    This will be the thread, where when I feel like procrastinating from studying, I will post analysis. This is one of those instances. I will begin with what I have done in the past, assessing the general strengths/weaknesses of the five teams, and giving a prediction for where these teams will end up in terms of play off qualifications. Before that, though, I will begin with some general comments on this league.

    Shockingly, banjoball has returned for its TENTH league. This is truly a momentous occasion and this league has been met with much fanfare. Of course, some will argue that we are missing some key players (cell, Sir, perhaps even our most beloved manic depressive Lethal). But, with the loss of these old faces we have gained some new ones - Europeans like Jomon and Nosferatu, and some ZHers including the return of Blierg. I have no doubt we will be in for a riveting, drama filled league and banjoball twitch views will skyrocket.

    Before getting into team analysis, let me begin with some other predictions/comments.

    I am almost certain that Winning will prove to be the biggest bust this tournament. More overvalued than the Vancouver housing market, it is only a matter of time before Winning) is popped like the 2008 housing bubble.

    That's really the only prediction I wanted to make. Now on to the teams.


    THE PLAYERS (Includes all those I feel are relevant)

    • NY_Mets (Owner)
    • BizarroSupaman (Captain)
    • UfeelinLucky
    • Hachibi
    • Angelo
    • Mech_Warrior
    Projected Seed: 1st

    Mets' team is an all around solid team with players able to play in a diversity of roles. Bizarro is a capable defender who can provide some reliability in the back half of the field. Mets, of course, will anchor the team in the mobility slot. Perhaps the weakest area of this team will be offensively if Tiki is chosen to be the regularly goalie, as Angelo can be a very hit and miss player. Despite this, I think this team is clearly one of the favourites as Mets can employ a variety of lineups and players in different positions, providing for an element of unpredictability. If the team can manage to work cohesively, and everybody pulls their weight, this team should be able to secure the 1st place seed.

    I am not going to give this to Mets for the sake of predictability. The key player in this situation will, in my opinion, come down to AngelOfDarkness. If AngelOfDarkness is able to be an effective attacker, Mets will have an overall much stronger team as Tiki is a much more capable goalie than his alternative (Hachibi).



    • Sleek (Owner)
    • Slaton (Captain)
    • Derdan
    • Blitzerg
    • Nosferatu

    I honestly don't know what to make of Sleek's team. He only has Derdan because of a trade from Mets, where he otherwise would have basically been stuck with no goalie. Sleek's only real offensive option is Nosferatu who is inexperienced and still learning the game - Slaton is not an effective offensive player. Furthermore, Sleek is notorious for being bad with lineups and this has shown this season already I believe. If this team is to have a chance, Sleek will need to work out his lineups, quell the inevitable dissenting voice of Derdan, and take charge on the field and instruct his team appropriately. It isn't all doom and gloom for Sleek though - there is a real chance of success if he can find a solid offensive option in Nosferatu, but this is a lot to ask of a first timer in what is perhaps the most competitive league of recent memory. Though this is such a poor roster, I predict a 4th place finish because I don't think Jage is going to ever have a full team show up for a game.

    Key Player: Derdan

    The success of Sleek's team is going to depend on Derdan''s ability to basically be a brick wall. Sleek's team lacks in the offense department, and so it will be crucial that Derdan is able to make big saves and keep his team ahead. Derdan's performance is going to be even more key given that his team may struggle defensively as well, because again, Sleek's drafting is questionable at best.



    • TrencH](Owner)
    • Eragon12267 (Captain)
    • Tenkzz
    • Hazardouss
    • Jomon
    • Gray
    Projected Seed: 2nd Place

    You may think my prediction for seed placement is generous, but I assure you it isn't. I believe I easily have the strongest starting 4 players provided Eragon can continue to regain his form, as he has shown he is doing in our most recent game. We are absolutely solid defensively with Tenkz at the back, reinforced by how long our fucking games take. Frankly, me being a 4th round draft was questionable when you look at the other 4th rounders, and so I have a big advantage when it comes to the starting 4. Ultimately this will come down to how well I can play and if we can get something of a semi threatening offense going with Melvin Maru.

    Key Player: Tenkzz
    So much of this teams success will hinge on Tenkz being able to keep it cool and having patience (which he has done remarkably well thus far). If he can keep up recent performance we will be in a strong position to continue winning games.


    • l1ghtning (owner)
    • Winning (Captain)
    • Spankfurt
    • Synister_
    • Paper4n0tes
    • Tal0n
    Projected Seed: 3rd
    This team is undoubtedly the most toxic team in the league. It is a powder keg waiting to happen, and l1ght is about as impotent of a captain as it gets. This team will have serious offensive issues, and it will have serious issues closing out games. This is a team of choke artists. That being said, Spankfurt and Winning are both veteran banjoballers who were at one time great players - whether they can re-emerge as their former selves this tournament remains to be seen. Winning provides a decently defensive DH but lacks the creativity and finishing needed to pose an offensive threat. Spankfurt is a solid defender, but likewise lacks creativity at the back. L1ghtning is an absolute meme of a player and it is impossible to predict whether he will pose an offensive threat or not. I will refrain from commenting on Synister because I would hate to tilt him before his game tomorrow night.

    Lightning will be the key to success on this team. He will need to prove his draft value, while also being able to contain his teams toxic habits. Furthermore, he will be the one responsible for scoring goals and ensuring the effectiveness of his offense. Scoring goals is particularly crucial for this team because the longer a game goes on, the more likely a toxic outburst may result from one of its members.


    • jageprice (owner)
    • Mothman (Captain
    • Bountykillah
    • KoreanMonster
    • Alexjade
    • ThePlayerMaker
    PROJECTED SEED: 5TH (aka fucking eliminated)

    This may be the most unreliable team ever drafted. The captain himself is flakier than most white girls on tinder, while Bountykillah, Korean, and Mothman will struggle to adhere to the scheduled format. And this won't be helped by Jage's complete ineptitude as a captain. If this team somehow manages to get its starting four on the field, I don't see a favourable outcome. All four of these players are rustier than the titanic, and Bountykillah is in a steeper decline than the Peso after Trump's election. This team will have issues all across the board despite its veteran players. Yet, if everybody manages to play to their potential, they could be a very strong team that could make a surprise challenge for a top seed in this league. But there is so much to overcome that this is just going to be a trainwreck of a team.


    BK has a lot to prove here. He is now the butt of all jokes - seen as a complete wash up and has been. If he can play well and reclaim a spot in the TOP 5 BANJOBALLERS, he may have a chance of leading his team to victory. This, of course, will first require him to be present for games - a huge feat in itself. In the end, this team will either be made, or it will break, on the back of Bountykillah.

    That's it for now!! More later

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