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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Dayne, Apr 30, 2016.

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    So I should actually be posting Patch Notes here, but I've been kinda lazy ( c l a s s i c d a y n e ). Anyways, here's the delayed patch notes, in case for some reason you guys haven't read them.

    • New Heroes: Ogre Magi, Storm Spirit, and Techies
    • Invoker reworked (Powersprint removed, Powerdash added)
    • Removed headers.
    • Removed clumsy interactions with the ball (such as the constant pass-backs).
    • The ball at rest is easier to pick up (larger pick-up range) than a normal ball.
    • You can no longer kick the ball through other players.
    • Fake Injury emote adjusted to look better (keeps hero on the ground)
    • Queen of Pain's Blink now creates a visible marker for her recall.
    • Projectiles are now affected by slam-like spells (Slam, Remote Mine Detonations,
      Ogre Smash) and Black Holes
    • Tackle now has a smaller collision radius, so Bloodseekers can weave through
      smaller gaps.
    • Swap projectile can pass through the sides of goals, but not the front. It cannot
      swap an enemy goalie currently within a goal.
    • Pudge no longer hooks objects directly behind him when he first casts his hook.
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