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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Dayne, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Did I mention I'm lazy in the last patch notes? Probably not, so I'll mention it again. Expect a new patch out sometime this weekend with relatively minor balance changes, bug fixes, and Russian localization. Also, possibly kittens? Anyways, here's the patch notes:

    • Certain particle effects include team color (namely Super Sprint's and Ball
    • General movement speed of units increased (320 > 360)
    • Complete new HUD (Expect changes and additions to come)
    • New load screen by Insert!
    • Antimage:
      • Sprint duration nerfed (drains faster 35 > 40 mana per second)
    • Storm Spirit:
      • Dampened momentum at the end of his sprint.
      • Decreased mana cost of ball lightning to 20%.
    • Ogre Magi:
      • Cooldown reduced (22 > 20)
      • Range increased (500 > 600)
    • Techies:
      • Mine detonates instantly
      • Range increased (500 > 750)
    • Team glows should now appear when you reload from a crash.
    • Storm Spirit can't cast ball lightning while maintaining the ball.
    • Fixed particle bugs regarding team colors when reloading into the game.
    Here's a couple of screenshots:
    New loadscreen by Insert:

    New HUD:

    Anti-mage and Storm Spirit Dire particles:
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