Primary Role Goalie
Off-Roles Striker
Designed By Garfield1337
Available Since Dota Strikers (6/17/15)
The Enigma is a playable hero in Banjoball. His spell, Black Hole, pulls all nearby objects towards its center. The Enigma specializes in disrupting plays, making him both highly useful as a goalkeeper and striker.

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Black Hole
AOE Pull
Everything but Self

The Enigma conjures a black hole at the target location that draws objects into it. Units closer to the center of the black hole experience a more powerful force.

Cast Range: 1000
Black Hole Duration: 6 seconds
Black Hole Delay: 0.5 seconds
Black Hole Growth Duration: 4 seconds
Radius: 300
Center Radius: 75
Radius for Ball: 300
38 seconds
0 mana

Objects at the center are trapped.

  • Proximity to the Black Hole affects strength of the attraction towards the center.
  • Goalkeepers experience overall reduced forces from Black Holes.
  • The Enigma is unaffected by his own Black Hole. However, other player's Black Holes will still affect him.
  • Affects all projectiles.
  • The ball is affected by a larger radius than other physics objects.
  • It takes 4 seconds for the Black Hole to completely build up strength. It is at max strength for a total of 2 seconds.

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Strategy pertaining to this hero is an Enigma, even to us.

Version history
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    Black Hole
    • Black Hole starting force increased (4000 > 7000).
    Black Hole
    • Black Hole radius decreased (470 > 300).
    • Black Hole no has a larger radius for the ball.
    • Black Hole starting forces decreased (7500 > 4000).
    • Black Hole ending forces decreased (15000 > 14000).
    Black Hole
    • Black Hole no longer completely traps people in the middle.
    • Black Hole floats in the air slightly (and draws people and the ball upwards).
    • Black Hole radius increased (350 > 470).
    • Black Hole ball radius increased (600 > 750).
    • Black Hole force numbers reworked. Starts at 7500 strength and ends at 15000 strength.
    • Black Hole cooldown increased (32 > 38).
    Black Hole
    • Cooldown reduced (38 > 32)
    Black Hole
    • Starting forces increased.
    Black Hole
    • Affects projectiles.
DS 0.5
    Black Hole
    • Overall forces increased.
    • Cast range decreased (1500 > 1000).
    • The center now traps objects in. Goalkeepers cannot be trapped.
    • Goalkeepers experience reduced forces from spell.
DS 0.3
    Black Hole
    • Increased starting force.
    • Increased radius for only the ball (350 > 500).
DS 0.2
    Black Hole
    • Cooldown reverted (34 > 38).
    • Decreased cast range (2000 > 1500).
    • Decreased radius (470 > 350).
    • Given a starting delay (0.5 seconds).
    • Starts weak and builds up force (4 seconds).
DS 0.1
    Black Hole
    • Cooldown reduced (38 > 34).
DS 0.0
  • Created.

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The Enigma's skills are inspired by the Warcraft 3 Banjoball hero, Karmic Livid Lion.
Karmic Livid Lion (Warcraft 3 Banjoball)

Black Hole has always been a strong goalkeeping spell in Banjoball. It was easily the most prevalent choice for goalkeeper during the height of Warcraft 3 Banjoball, and was utilized well by both new and old players alike due to its simple learning curve. Various strategies involving Black Holes cropped up, including using them to launch your mobility hero into the air with the ball and using it as an offensive spell.

Apr 25, 2017

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