WC3 Season I

WC3 Season I
Atlantis Owls

Captain: NY_Mets

NY_Mets (Captain) Shaman (Forward)
Retromancer Demon Hunter (Midfielder)
Spark Shaman (Defense)
Jageprice (Black Hole) Goalie
Season Records
Regular Season 4-2
Semi-Finals 13-? (vs Team Wafflefish)
Finals 13-5 (vs Team Slaton)
FEAR League I was the first completed season of Banjoball. NY_Mets' team, the Atlantis Owls, were the victors, defeating Team Slaton 13-5 in the finals. The league was played on version v1.11.


The Atlantis Owls defeated Wafflefish's team in the semi-finals by an unknown score. Team Slaton pulled off one of the great comebacks in Banjoball history after going down 12-8 to come out on top, 13-12.


The Atlantis Owls went on to defeat Team Slaton by a score of 13-5 in the Finals. Despite starting the whole season to that point, Hksaru was benched at the last minute in favor of Spark, which ended up proving to be the right move.

Season Statistics

Jul 17, 2016

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